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wi5stars is the innovative solution for managing your hotspots. WiFi is the most requested amenity by hotel travelers and 98.4% of guests expect WiFi when booking

Easy access WiFi for your customers and valuable data for your business.

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is a cloud-based revolutionary solution to manage, control authentications and administrate your hotspot and PPPoE networks. It transforms and improves the traditional performances of the hotspot services into a dynamic and interactive connection.

wi5tars is a proven effective solution for hospitality, business, retail and enterprises that seek to get more turnover from their location.

Main Features

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Access the platform at any time and in any place.

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A fully hosted and managed solution allowing you to concentrate on your customers and WiFi networks, without having to worry about portal management.

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WiFiveStars is scalable to networks of any size.

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Globally distributed in more than 60 countries.

Take control over your WiFi venues. One platform to enhance every aspect of guest WiFi access

Professional accounting, billing and advertising solution for managing all your networks from one single panel. Manage numerous venues from one control panel. 

It is multi-language: English, Italian, German, French, English, Spanish, etc.

Multi-venues and multi-tenantplatform

Offer an individual secure virtual environment to your customers. You have the ability to define specific roles and permissions for your customers and staff.

Free from any server-side investment 

A fully hosted and managed cloud solution with high availability. The software is always updated to the latest version (with no additional cost).

Compatible with Mikrotik, Ruckus, Cisco Meraki, LigoWave, CloudTrax, Cambium Networks, and others.

Marketing& Sales opportunities

Advertise to millions of people and grow your business with advertising across different devices. Generate additional revenue by charging users for WiFi Access with preferred credit card payment gateways or cash payment.

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• Introduction. Start with your own photos, videos or external URL display

• Welcome Portal, customized it with your preferred banners and backgrounds that are 100% responsive in all devices.

• Allows all users to view/watch message or announcement prior of registration or login.

• Multi-Language

• With Custom templates, Apps or CSS

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• Social Media Login. Users may login with their existing social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Linkedin, and others.

• Standard Registration. During Login process, Users will be required to filled up the defined fields like Names, Gender, Address, Email address, etc. and allowing to create Username and password.


• SMS Authentication. The users should provide their mobile number that will receive credentials in accessing the wifi. This allows the hotspot/venue owner to validate a valid customers contact number.

• Email Validation. The users will validate the provided email address through an email sent by the system, to continue or extend Hotspot subscription.


• The service provider or the venue owner may allow wifi access using a printed card or voucher that provides free or paid wifi service. Kepp 100% of your sales revenue.

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FREE. Hotspot/venue owners may provide free use of wifi.

✓ Variable hours of access (1-24 hrs per day), or unlimited public access.

✓ The users need to view/watch commercial information (such as short video ads) to be granted with Wifi access free of charge.

Paid. Users to pay cash or via online thru credit card.
✓Cash, via prepaid printed cards and/or vouchers.
✓ Online Payment, via credit card thru Paypal or other popular payment gateways

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Personalize your Profile
✓ Change your Password
✓ Update your personal details
✓ View your connection logs
✓ Verify your free or paid WiFi use

HotSpot Apps
Note: Available applications are based the selected Apps defined by the HotSpot manager / Owner

Partially Free. Setup wherein the users will receive free limited access (e.g. free-2hrs), then will pay on the succeeding hours.



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Data Tabs 
✓ per Tenant
✓ per Venue

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✓ Graphs and Charts 
✓ Dynamic Widgets

✓ Hardware Widgets


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✓ Make it Free or Paid service
✓ Limit Access time
✓ Define amount of bandwidth
✓ Set Upload / Download burst limit
✓ Enable “Data rate modulation”
✓ Schedule product activation/ deactivation

✓ Adjust other available configurations 

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✓ Dashboard PDF Report
✓ Data Management (Add, Delete, Import, Export)
✓  Maps and Lists 
✓  API


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Wi5Stars Survey-002.png

• Quiz and Surveys
✓ Get customers feedback through your defined questionnaires at surveys/quizzes.
✓ Get real time results and notifications.

Welcome Banners and Backgrounds
✓Greet users with informative and customized images and/or videos

•  Users profile info
✓ Get customers mobile numbers and email address and notify them with your promo and events invite.

URL Re-directions
✓ Social Media. Redirect the users to your FB, twitter, or Instagram accounts and let them like/share your page/posts,
✓Redirect the users to your website / blogs or any online URL.