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Corporate : IMEI Shipping Company

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Another Successful Enterprise Client of CXN was A Company in Pasig where Main Requirement is to build its Network Infrastructure from Scratch to a Fully Functional one. The Building Administrators have advised the client that the building will be demolished, and they need to relocate.

These are the list of solution that CXN has provided :

1. Structured Cabling

2. CCTV Installation and Configuration

3. Wi-fi Access Points Propagation

4. Server Migration (AD, DNS, File Server)

5. Network Security Installation and Configuration

a. Load Balance 3x ISP

b. SDWAN Configuration

c. Traffic Shaping

d. VPN Configuration

6. L2 and L3 Network Switches Installation and Reconfiguration

(Most of the switch was reused from the old office)

Fortinet Firewall Deployment


As the industry moves into a smart-shipping era, the risk of cyber threats is at an all-time high. Cyber threats are one of the most serious economic and international security challenges facing the maritime industry today. The need for protection and security enforcement's to mitigate the threats is more important today than ever.

Aim and Scope

The company recognizing the increasing concern of its end user and clients with regards to the cyber security and their protection. CXN was assigned to deploy a Network Security that helps them to secure their connection between Main Office and multiple branch site by using Firewall device. A Firewall is a barrier between your trusted internal network and untrusted outside networks, like the Internet. A set of defined rules are employed to block or allow traffic. A firewall can be software, hardware, or both. The free firewall efficiently manages traffic on your PC, monitors in/out connections, and secures all connections when you are online.

Clients requirements for Firewall Device

They required a Firewall Device that can handle 100 to 300 concurrently. And can Support Work from Home Setup.

Fortigate Firewall Deployment

As agreed by the client , CXN deployed Fortinet Firewall. Fortigate 300E. Please see below network topology.

Firewall Network Diagram Deployment

As indicated on the network topology, client has 3 Internet Providers, Server Farm, Distribution Switches, and Access Switches, All the ingress and Egress Traffic was handled by Fortigate Firewall.

Fortigate can filter different types of traffic and apply prioritization based on the types of traffic traversing on it.

These features allow the administrator to assign what interface or ISP applications manually or dynamically can use to reach their destinations.

Also, using FortiGate Appliance to secure the Server Farm on the Network and eliminate or restrict unauthorized access.

VPN Features were very useful also on this deployment as they have Work from home setup and a Mother Company located abroad. This gives the ability to access internal resources securely from remote users.

Summary of installed IT products :

Cable Pulling
Installation of Cable Ladder at Server Room

Installation of EMT pipe
Cable Harnessing at Server Room

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