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WisCloud Controller is a carrier grade Wireless Network Management System developed by Wisnetworks. It supports the full range of Wiscloud APs centrally management and monitoring tasks for network administrator.
It is integrated powerful features to control multiple and distributed APs in a high effective approach.


On-site & Cloud Management 

The controller hardware can be installed either in networking room/rack or in the cloud bundled with software for local or remote management.
Easy-to-use Interface
No special training is required to operate the controller system. The main parameters of one/multi-WLAN networks are available on the dashboard. The simple design would also help to easily realize the real-time status monitoring and customized configurations.


Real-time Status 
Real-time statistics provide for network online APs / users signal and interference monitoring. For networkhistory traffic record can be traced from 24hours to 30days.


L2 / L3 Auto-discovery
AP would be auto-detected bycontroller in the same WLAN network. In the condition of Layer 3 or access controller deployed in the could, using provided utility could make all AP devices being discovered by AC in few minutes.



Wireless Map
Through wireless map function,administrator is intuitive and convenient to monitor each AP health status in the network along with the number of users and network coverage quality. For the failure of AP can be quickly positioned so as to speed up the troubleshooting.


Channel Optimization
Channel utilization makes it applicable to equipuser with RF optimization possessing auto-timing function as well as manual optimization to keep the Wireless network stay in a reasonably smooth state.


Load Balancing
Wiscloud system is equipped with intelligent user load balancing, thus making the product either applicable to the sparsely populated rural condition or hi-density population city or large conference and exhibition and ensuring each AP to work in maximum efficiency to build a stable and permanent wireless network.

Integrated Fit AP + AC Architecture

WisCloud Controller was refine-designed to suit all Wisnetworks enterprise class AP equipments. A single controller can centrally supervise and manage the WiFi networks and multiple, distributed APs could be taken care and work in a more effective way.


Using the intelligent centrally management between AC and AP can quickly synchronize wireless configuration into each AP to complete a unified construction of the wireless network.

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